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In order to receive a catalog, just send us an e-mail with the subject heading 'catalog' and one will come back to you as an automatic response. Our e-mail address is

Nikaku Animart employees are a dying breed, like their much heralded brethren, the California Condor. Yet, through it all, they intrepidly strive to bring you the best in anime and manga.

We now have hired Tyler, the son of one of the owners. As much as he has tried to stay away, we have sucked him back in. Tyler was the one who was first interested in anime and the reason why Bill started Animart. We aren't sure how long Tyler will stay as he has started his own record company. If you go off and make it big Tyler, don't forget to take us with you.
BOB IS AWESOME! Bob has recently joined the Nikaku family. He's a 2nd year Japanese language student, so practice your nihongo with him sometime. When he's not busy reading the comics he gets from Nikaku, he's out enjoying some frosty root beer and chillin' with fly honeys (pictured right-->)